Taj MaSmall

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5 thoughts on “Taj MaSmall

    • Hi Toby- this is a Uhaul truck, so behind the seat is the white truck panel to the uhaul box. I cut through the panel and put a door on sliders to make the pass-through opening to the RV part. Is that what you mean?

    • Hi Toby, I’m not quite sure what you are referring to, behind the seat is just a few inches of space and then the wall that separates the driver’s cab from the box of the truck. I plan to put a coat hook there, it’s a good spot to put travel things like a day pack, water bottle, coat, etc.

  1. Hi Kim.

    Fabulous job. I was wondering if I could hire you to convert a box truck very similar to the Taj but without the hatch. There is no rush or hurry and I want to keep it very simple. Would you contact me at greenaol13l@gmail.com? Thank you.


    • Thank you, Nancy! What kind of time frame are you looking at, and what state are you living in? I probably wouldn’t be able to do that realistically at this time, due to work and life commitments, but maybe in a year or so…?

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