Work resumes on Taj- one year later

It’s been almost a year since I had to stop work on the Taj and resume my regular life. Finally I’m able to get back to it, and I hope to finish in a few weeks. The warehouse building that formerly housed the “A Gallery” still hasn’t been knocked down, so I am able to use the space again. Though I’m not looking forward to being cold and covered in sawdust and carrharts every day, I am looking forward to finishing soon, and I’m glad to have indoor space to work in.

When I moved Taj out last year, I had to remove some of the trim on the overhead door to get the truck out, and put the sky window on top while it was outside. Bringing it back in was… interesting!


First project- the pass through door between the cab and the back. I was able to re-use the truck panel piece I had cut out for the opening. I cut down a 2×4 to make the trim, and cut down the track for a closet door.



Finally! The windows! These I got from an old truck cap someone was getting rid of. I made a cardboard template to get the measurements just right- no room for mistake. I used a skill saw and a jig say, a lot of silicone caulking, and – voila!




These are the rigid foam insulation panels that go on the attic ceiling. I took them down, edged them with duct tape and then cut fabric to wrap around. I used spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the foam. and ‘liquid nails’ to glue them back on to the ceiling. Inexpensive, light weight, and looks great.




The ceiling of the driver’s cab- purple paisley, of course. I took out the fitted foam piece a while ago, and cut a silk scarf to fit. I used spray adhesive to attach the fabric. It is a thing of beauty.