Taj Ma-Even-Smaller!

The past few days I’ve taken a diversion  from working on “Taj Ma Small” to build “Taj Ma-Even-Smaller” : a groovy mobile workshop maximizing use of space, surfaces and transformability. No more hauling the table saw and chop saw to the 2nd floor closet and 3rd floor attic-! No more having tools in 3, 4, 5 locations and spending a whole day gathering them!   Now I can pack up all my stuff and have a mini-garage/ workshop.  All the walls are hinged to make table/ work surfaces.

So I will now finish the last bit of cutting/ table saw work for Taj- dust off all the tools, pack up everything, load up the Taj Ma-Even-Smaller and get outta there! Back to the out-door parking lot, but at least now Taj is watertight and finished on the exterior- and the bulk the interior work is cut and sanded. Really all that is left is final coats of varnish, paint, make cushions and curtains, finish the pretty stuff. And the french doors. And put in the side slider windows. But that’s about it.  And seal off the area between the cab and the loft. And finish the bathroom. And make kitchen cabinets and drawers. And add water tank and propane tank and roof ladder and and and… yeah, it could be endless..

That’s why I have to just draw the line at a stopping point, for now, and do little bits here and there, not endless days and weeks. It is time to come back to my daily world- and get back to work! I’m grateful, soooo grateful to have had the space at A Galley to work on Taj when I needed it, but I’m ready to be done, finish up the essentials and get back to being clean and warm! Get out of the cold, the gray,  the concrete, the sawdust and those filthy stinky Carrharts…..

Kim's Taj MaSmall


Kim'a Taj MaSmall

Almost done! With sides and front folded up- secured with eye-bolts into barrel bolts


Kim's Taj MaSmall.

The walls are hinged and fold out for work surfaces and easy access to the insides. 2 levels for maximum stuff-a-bility. the top tier is perfect milk-crate height. Just the back door and roof left to go. Should take a half hour. 😉 she said…


5 thoughts on “Taj Ma-Even-Smaller!

  1. An astounding combination of vision, intelligent practicality and a shitload of determination & sheer hard work. I don’t know anyone else who could/would have pulled this off.

    “Should take a half hour.” So familiar – being older & more experienced in wildly underestimating time I’d say 2 hours – & still finish up taking 8.

    The trailer setup is really smart & a huge timesaver over lugging out & loading up tools for every jobsite. Once you start using this for real you’ll find loads of modifications to make it work better. In 10 years’ time it’ll be almost just exactly perfect…..

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